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3 reasons why you can’t attract graphic design clients!

3 reasons why you can’t attract graphic design clients!


What’s up guys, Welcome back to the 86VZNS Design Co. blog, today I’m going to expose 3 reasons why you can’t attract graphic design clients!


Reason #1: You have a lazy marketing strategy.

Copy and pasting a pre-written message to random people is never going to work. People know the difference between a genuine message and an automated one! They know when you’re being real vs being fake, stop playing yourself. It’s lazy & uninspired, learn real marketing tactics like SEO, Google Ads, Instagram Ads, Email Marketing, etc… so you can win. It’s never a good thing when you look desperate & thirsty to your core audience. Prospective clients automatically view that as low value & will be repelled by that, no matter how good your work is. Stop searching for “I need a logo” or phrases like that on social media. IT’S NOT GOING TO GET YOU ANY CLIENTS THAT ARE WORTH WORKING FOR. I PROMISE. You lose all your leverage when you do this. They need to be searching for you, YOU’RE THE PROFESSIONAL! TREAT YOURSELF LIKE IT. This leads us to this point, never feel like you have to prove your talent to a client. Doing this puts you below them in their mind. Which are another way to lose your leverage in negotiations and they can and will walk all over you. This is a reason why you can’t attract graphic design clients. Freelancing for any client should be looked at like a partnership, not a worker/boss situation. You’re providing a service, embrace it. No one else can provide what you provide, even if they’re in the same field as you!


Reason #2: Spamming your links in comments sections (SMH)

Don’t spam your links in comment sections on social media…EVER lol. This is the worst one SMH I saw a post about a person’s dad passing away & the first comment was “If you need illustrations or logos, DM for pricing!” You look unprofessional & come across callus. This is the main reason why you can’t attract graphic design clients.


Reason #3: Clout Chasing

Guys quit buying followers to fake like you’re successful. I see this all the time on social media & it’s the most embarrassing thing for them. When Instagram or Twitter inevitably deletes all the bot followers and your follower count is hundreds of thousands less than it was, you’ll look untrustworthy & fake to your human followers. I’ve seen this happen, a “famous” rapper from Oklahoma City had 150k followers on Instagram, they then deleted all of his fake bot followers and he dropped to around 2000. He was so embarrassed he deleted the entire account. His career never took off because of that situation either. No one takes him seriously in the music industry. Do yourself a favor & create a real marketing plan so that when you do become successful no amount of followers could replicate the feeling of true success.   

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Have a great rest of your day & I wish you all much success in the new year, I hope these tips have helped you like they helped me!!

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Author: Durrell Burris

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