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5 signs that it’s time to quit your job & freelance full time


Hey whatsup guys! Welcome back to the blog, today we’re going to talk about 5 signs that it’s time to quit your job and freelance full time! 


You’re feeling complacent (at your job or in life)

You feel stuck, Like you’re not truly living your purpose, I’ve been there, way too many times. I remember being at jobs and just waking up going to work every morning HATING myself for it. I hated where I was at, but that hate pushed me to work those long days & sacrifice everything. To put partying & spending money on useless things to the side. I sold my shoe collection just so I could get to where I wanted to go faster. I truly couldn’t see myself 10 – 15 years from now working those dead-end jobs, feeling defeated. I hated that feeling more than anything. I needed to feel free.


Your side hustle is making more than your main hustle

Once you’ve built your brand up to where it’s earning you more than your main job is, then it might be time to go. For me, it was important to be able to cover my bills & lifestyle once I quit my job. I wanted to be able to make sure I’m taken care of in case anything happens. The first time I quit my job in 2016, I was not ready. Everything went to shit quickly afterward 7 I ended up having to find a job that paid me way less than the job I had before that. One day I will tell you guys about how bad it was back then, I have stories for days lol Bottom line, I wasn’t ready, and my business wasn’t either & I paid for it but I have no regrets because I needed that experience!


If you already have a steady flow of income & clients

When people are recognizing your work & seeking you out. It’s a pretty clear sign that you’re onto something, it means that your talent has worth & people value it. One of the main ingredients to becoming a successful freelance artist is to make sure you have a steady flow of income & clients. Clients that each month like clockwork are sending you a direct deposit or paying your invoice. This is important because, on months when things are dry, you know you can 


You’ve learned how to manage your money

This here is the most important, managing your money is the main ingredient to surviving as a freelancer or business owner in general. It makes no sense to be spending your money as fast as it comes in. ZERO, your habits have to change when you quit your job because freelancing is at times inconsistent. Add that we’re in a pandemic and it can get ugly quickly! Lol, one thing that helped me stop blowing money fast was segmenting my bank accounts. I have 1 account for bills, another account for business bills, another one for business income, a personal savings account & a daily spend account. Just doing that made me change the way I viewed my income, you should try it! Also, leave a comment if you want me to make an in-depth video on the 5 banking account method!

You feel emotionally ready

My first time quitting my job and working for myself was crazy. Within the first 2 months, I had already lost money from bad clients, got in a wreck, and lost my truck after I had planned on selling it to invest in my business & also I went broke because I was still spending my money like I had a job & regular income lol I spent a few months fighting myself on selling my screen printing equipment & selling the business. Eventually, I ended up doing just that, I realized I was not ready in any way to handle working for myself, emotionally, I dealt with depression & self-hate because of it. I gained 15 lbs of fat during that time because I had failed & I couldn’t admit it. That period in life was truly eye-opening, it prepared me for this past March when I quit my job & went full time again! This time I was prepared, I had a plan, a nest egg, a savings account, clients that pay me every month & a vision. I’m not going to lie, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, things have been TOUGH! Lol no lie, it’s been tough, but the transition is a lot smoother this time than it was the last!


That’s the end of the blog guys, I hope you got something from this. If you did, please watch the video here: &  share it with other freelance artists! 


Have a good week! Peace!!!


Author: Durrell Burris

Founder • Designer • Creative