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Branding and Identity design services: Choosing the Right Graphic Designer for your business

Choosing the Right Graphic Designer for your Branding and Identity Design Services

First & Foremost, thank you for coming to our website! I believe you’re here because you’ve decided to start working on that dream that you can’t get out of the back of your mind. Well, It’s time to bring that dream into fruition!

But before you invest in this dream, you may feel like you need to do some research! I get it, we’ve all been there. In this article, hopefully, I can help you with choosing the right Graphic Designer for your branding and identity design services.

. It’s so important to find a designer that looks at this as a partnership & not a quick project. Here are a few tips that can help you when making this decision!

1. Figuring out what your business needs.

Before you invest in this dream of yours, you should first know what you need. Whether it be Logo Design, Brand Identity, Website Design, etc. Know what services you need beforehand, that way you can be certain when contacting a designer. Also, Understanding your budget, and how much you’re looking to invest will help you when contacting future designers because we normally have a branding package that we can fit into your allotted budget.
Many times clients are so excited about the possibilities of starting a business that they don’t take time to lay the groundwork for that business. The great thing about choosing the right graphic designer for your project is, they can provide value by helping you organize your thoughts and start to build that foundation for your branding and identity design services, remember this is a partnership.

2. Find the designer that matches your vibe.

Check out their website, is it clean and presentable? Is it secure? What about their work, have you seen it before on someone else’s website? Just a few questions to ask yourself when choosing the right graphic designer for your branding and identity design services. Make sure to view their portfolio to see if it matches your vision for your company. It’s extremely important to hire a designer that can bring the style & aesthetic for the branding and identity design that you truly want. No one wants to invest in a project that doesn’t match their style. I always say that your business is your child, so treat it as such. Don’t be afraid to walk away if the designer can’t match the design aesthetic that you’re looking for.

This example is from a recent project we completed, they hired us to create a creative & clean logo that infused streetwear with the golf industry. You can view more of the project here.

3. Value > Price

Don’t cut corners, I know there’s PLENTY of designers out there that solicit you on social media and other platforms offering logo design services for $25 – $50. I know this because I’ve been that designer before, speaking from experience I can say back then when I offered those prices, it was because my skill & knowledge hadn’t reached the point where I offered enough value to my clients. When choosing a designer, make sure that they can enhance your company, not one that is using a clipart logo, avoid that at all costs. You don’t want a lawsuit later down the line because your designer illegally stole clipart from a search engine.

 Also, while you’re looking for a designer for your branding project be prepared to invest. Think about the project from the end, not the beginning. Think about how much this investment will benefit your business. Embrace the value the right designer can bring to your company because it truly has no limit! Believe it or not, a clean & creative logo can make your financial investment have the potential to help you sell products/merch for the next 10 – 15 years!

4. Do Research

Always do research, reach out to past customers, and see what their thoughts are about the prospective designer you’re researching. What do the reviews & testimonials say? Ask the past clients about their professionalism, and communication. See if you can get on a consultation with your designer, take notes on the call, and think deeply about the meeting & record it if you have to. This is a huge investment for your brand, so do your due diligence. Make sure that you’ve exausted all options when choosing the graphic designer for your branding and identity design services. 

Lastly, confirm that they provide value and are that they are committed to enhancing your brand.

Your business deserves this upgrade and you deserve a design that you can be proud to show off. So invest in yourself and take this decision seriously!

We would LOVE to be the designer you choose so click HERE to get started on your Branding & Identity Design journey!


Author: Durrell Burris

Founder • Designer • Creative