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5 Tips To Attract Graphic Design Clients!


What’s up people!

 Welcome back to the 86VZNS Design Co. Blog, today I’m going to give you all the secrets! This is how you attract graphic design clients!


Tip #1: Showcase your work

If you design logos, focus on emphasizing on logo design. Not only should you showcase the design of the logo, get into the process, and also put your logo designs on a few mockups to help your potential clients visualize what you already see for them. Understand that they can’t read your mind, so you need to lay it out for them.


Tip #2: Create your own website

Don’t just rely on dribbble, behance and social media platforms to get you, clients. Create a place where you can send traffic, that way if those platforms change in some way or shut down. It won’t hurt your brand, you’ll still have your own place to showcase your work. As well as you can sell products on your site, to increase your brand value!


Tip #3: Get Social!

SN: I know someone in the comments will say “you just said don’t rely on them” but it’s GREAT to use them as a buffer for to flex your skills & artwork. Use Dribbble, Pinterest, Behance and other portfolio sites as a tool to build a following, not a crutch. Re-route your following to your own platform (your website)! Focus on the quality of your community & Engage with them. If you “only” have 30 followers, that’s fine. Treat those 30 people like they’re your best clients you’ve ever had. Look at it like this, if 30 people walked in your bedroom right now it would be PACKED. Now imagine passing each of them 3 business cards. What if they all then passed out your business cards to 3 different people? That’s 90 potential eyes on your business. That’s how you grow it organically, focusing on that type of growth will build your empire to the point to where nothing can destroy it.


Tip #4: Understand your worth

Understand your worth as a creative & get paid what you feel you deserve. Don’t just accept EVERY job that comes your way, vet the prospective client first. Ask questions like “do you have a deadline for this project?, who designed your last project? How did that go?” and other questions to learn more about them. Remember they’re paying you for a service, but you don’t always have to accept the project. Some clients are a bad fit and some are just bad clients to begin with! Understand that you’re a rare breed, stop acting like you’re not. Plenty of people want to hire you because they can’t do what you do. Don’t forget that!


Tip #5: Focus on being a specialist

Focus on being known as “a specialist” to your friends & family so that their word of mouth can get you clients. Believe it or not, this is how I get most of my clients. Through referrals, its way easier for a client to invest in you when they’ve heard how good you are or how professional you may be from someone they trust. If it’s between you & a stranger, they’re going to pick you based off of the relationship they have with who referred them!

I hope these tips have helped you become a better designer & earn more money! If you would like to watch this in video form on our youtube channel, here is the link:

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Author: Durrell Burris

Founder • Designer • Creative