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Develop Brand Cohesion and create a lifestyle brand that our core audience can enjoy wearing & supporting.


A clean and well designed brand identity that could easily be used on apparel & other projects. This change boosted our reputation & sales by 400%.


  • Name Creation
  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Website
  • Print Design
  • Marketing


Develop Brand Cohesion and create a lifestyle brand that our core audience can enjoy wearing.


In March 2014 our CEO Durrell, created his first business. The first name was “OGS86 Clothing Co.” it was started in a small apartment with a lack of resources. The vision behind it was to create a brand that he would be proud to wear that also represented creativity and a unique perspective on street wear.  After a year he realized the brand wasn’t up to his liking and it needed a complete re-branding. 


When we started OGS86 Clothing Co. in 2014 it was about creating a lifestyle, something that was different. A clean logo with amazing designs & versatility. We truly embraced our new branding and our new vision. 

OGS86 CLOTHING CO. 2017 - Look Book

After a brief 6 month hiatus we returned In 2017 to show our fans what we’ve silently nurtured for the 6 months.  We wanted them to know we hadn’t forgotten about them and that when we did return it would show and prove through our growth and increase in value. The end result was an awesome Look Book and completely refreshed branding.  The Look Book increased the hype for our brand by 100%! the hype and anticipation resulted in us selling out each piece within hours of release!


We wanted to create a website for this brand that not only looked good and exclusive, but a website that would convert in sales. Having a website that was cohesive with the brand was important. 

List of things we wanted to achieve with this site.

  • Exclusive Feel
  • Highlight new releases
  • Convert Sales
  • Clean Look & Feel
  • Highly Interactive

We’re proud to say we accomplished all of these.