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4 Reasons Why Brand Identity Is So Important


As an Entrepreneur or Future business owner have you ever thought to yourself “Why is branding so expensive & important?” Well, I’m here to give you 4 answers to that question. Over the beginning of time, there have been important brands that have changed the world but what makes them any different from local companies that are struggling to pay the bills? Branding is the main difference. It’s more than a logo and/or website. It’s about colors, emotions, messages, and most importantly connection! Your brand should ALWAYS speak for you. More times than not your logo and branding will be what introduces you to your prospect. So why not get the best and most complete branding you can get? When building & investing in your company the LAST place you should shortcut would be your branding budget.

      1. Brand Recognition & Memorability:

How amazing would it feel to have a complete stranger speak so highly to you about your company after they see you wearing company apparel or holding something that represents your brand? Cool right? That is IMPOSSIBLE without Brand Recognition. We’re all in business to change lives, make money, and build the best businesses that we can build. So leaving positive impressions on our clients is vital, your logo should be presented in a clean & clear way that comes across to your customers without much thought. They should be able to recognize your company from Huge Billboards to something small like a Pen or Pencil. The first key to connecting with your core audience is that they need to remember who you are and what you do. Brand Recognition is essential in today’s market because of the internet and the widespread online marketing that is available to us. So take advantage of the awesome opportunities that we have in this day and age and get your brand seen by the right people!

      2. Audience Connection (Brand Emotion & Feeling):

When your logo is presented to the public it should have a clear message and emotion. People want to feel something when they see you. For example, if you own a Law Office people want to FEEL they can trust you to handle whatever situation they are going through. Subconsciously they need to believe that you didn’t shortcut yourself when you created this company. Because if they can’t trust you to invest in your own company, why would they invest in it themselves? Here is an Example of a Logo that we created for a law office. Our goal was to create something easily recognizable and straight to the point. You should always Look to leave a lasting impression on your core audience. That way when they speak of you they will speak good things and refer you to their friends & loved ones. Referring you to their inner circle increases their social currency. It makes them look and feel more important, which then allows you to gain more business for your company. Having a clean logo that represents your brand is just another way to raise the perceived value of your company as well.

      3. Brand Value:

When you see a NIKE or an Adidas logo how do you feel? Probably nothing right? But see that logo with a nice design on a shoe and the value increases substantially. As a retired sneakerhead I’ve seen people pay upwards of $15,000 – $75,000 for exclusive NIKE shoes. Just based on brand value alone, The way it makes you look to other people is a huge thing in our everyday lives. Whether we know it consciously or subconsciously we are always looking to impress people. It could be what you’re saying or what you’re wearing but social currency is a real thing. Having a great logo and great branding only makes your company’s value rise in the view of the public eye. It adds the ability for prospects to trust you and can instantly turn them from Prospects to Clients in a matter of seconds. Also, Who wouldn’t want a cool T-shirt/Hoodie with their logo on it? It adds a sense of pride to wear your own apparel.

      4. Apparel & Products:

Speaking of Apparel, brand recognition goes a long way to help someone remember your company when they see it on a shirt, hat, hoodie…etc. Do your company a favor and give them apparel and branding that they would be proud to wear and represent. OGS86 Clothing Co. is an example of a cool logo from my lifestyle brand that I used to own & operate. My lifestyle brand grew organically over the years. In 2013, We went from struggling to make 1 sale per day to a brand that was represented across the country by celebrities, NBA players, and a host of loyal fans. Revamping our logo and Brand Identity increased out sales by 300%

It’s not hard to see why Brand Identity is so important. It’s extremely beneficial to any business that wants to be taken seriously. So take the time to invest in your brand’s image and message. This is not the time to cut corners, do your due diligence and research graphic designers that can redesign your business!

We would LOVE to be the designer you choose so click HERE to get started on your re-brand journey!


Author: Durrell Burris

Founder • Designer • Creative